I want to take you on a little journey, a journey to the heart. I want to share a little story about a very special ceremony with you – an encounter with the medicine of love at my second rainbow gathering. Take a deep breath and don’t read those words with your mind, but with your heart.

It took us a whole day to grind the fresh cacao beans. With big stones we were crushing the delicate seeds into small pieces. Then, they were cooked in a big pot over the sacred fire, while we started to sing sacred songs to the beat of the drums. We painted our faces with natural colours of brown, bright yellow and orange. We were warriors, cacao warriors of peace.

After cooking for a long time, the elder served the fresh cacao in a big pot. By drinking from the same pot, we shared our energies and intentions through the cacao. The cacao itself tasted really bitter, as it comes in its purest form. With time it got really hard to drink it, and I had to remind myself that this was not a hot chocolate with marshmallows, but medicine. We centred around the fire and were asked to give all the bad feelings, emotions and thoughts to the sacred flame – because fire is the element of transformation.

When you drink cacao, your heart starts to awaken. You have the possibility to develop a true connection and feel everything. You connect to your innermost self and allow yourself to feel what’s there. Usually, we cloud ourselves with judgements, expectations and fears. We numb ourselves with technology, boredom and fake relationships. We choose to disconnect because it seems easier because where there is joy, there is always also sadness. But to be human means to take the decision to feel it all. And in order to let the beautiful feelings in, we need to first see and accept all our darkness.

My body was shaking, I was feeling tears coming up, letting all those negative thoughts and feeling come into consciousness. Suddenly a girl started to sing a beautiful melody. I closed my eyes and let myself sink into the sound. I felt high, the air was vibrating around me. I started to sing to the fire, breathing in the energy around me. It was a beautiful and powerful moment, honouring fire and earth. I started to say sorry to all the people I hurt in my life – to the guy which heart I broke, to my mom that I am not always there when she needs me, to nature that I don’t always treat her with respect. And with saying sorry I was able to let go.

We need to learn how to say sorry, only in this way we can reconnect with the joys of our life – because really, it isn’t hard to live a happy, fulfilled life. The sickness of humanity is that when everything is perfect, we seek problems. We focus on the negative issues, people, feelings, and exactly those things that are holding us back from living this beautiful life right. Cacao gives you the possibility to say sorry and let go of all this baggage, empty your cup and fill it with your own medicine – love.

A feeling of ecstasy was spreading all over my body. I was feeling the freedom of letting go, and all the beauty of this world washed over me. I placed my hands on my heart and started to say thanks – thanks to the sun, the moon, to every flower and tree, to my beautiful family and friends, to all the opportunities and challenges that enter my life, to my own body, mind and soul. And with every word I whispered to myself, I felt my heart filling with love.

We can talk a lot about what love really means, but then you already know the answer. We are all made of love, it’s the strongest medicine in this universe. And to access this incredible force means to acknowledge all the good things in your life, no matter how small. And once you start putting your focus on all the amazing people, feelings and experiences, you start to change your frequency to a higher level, where all the negativity vanishes.

I felt someone taking my hand, twirling me around. The flames were dancing with us underneath the night sky. There was a girl at the fire moving her hands in a magical way, a group was dancing in a circle howling to the moon. Some guys were circling each other like wild animals, others were aligning their steps to dance in the rhythm of the drums – we were celebrating life to its fullest.

All the answers are already inside of you. There is nothing you have to achieve or seek, you just need to change your perspective – to the inside. Cacao taught me to not see through the eyes of the mind but through the eyes of the heart. It connects me with my true nature – the curious, empathic and creative woman which is seeing the world through the eyes of beauty and vibrates on a high frequency. I am speaking from my heart when I say that a cacao ceremony is a truly magical experience of transformation and reconnection.

If you want to purchase pure ceremonial cacao, I recommend YAKUUM cacao from Colombia.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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