Join me for an(other) adventure into the unknown. This experience connected me back with the basic things in life, which are food, shelter, water and human interaction. I want to share with you why this travel experience was life-changing for me – and why you should attend a gathering yourself!

The 4 Agreements

First things first, what is a Rainbow Gathering? It’s a get-together of like-minded, free, spiritual and beautiful beings. It’s ground for exchange, healing and understanding life. It’s an evolution in process, creativity manifested.

I found it really strange that I have never heard about the rainbow gathering before as it has already existed for more than 40 years. But everything comes to you at the right moment when it has something to teach you. Getting to the gathering in itself has been a challenge already. We took a collective car deep into the mountains and walked 40 minutes into the wild surrounded by happy cows, colourful flowers and lush green hills. When we thought, ‘Now we are lost!’ we saw a little red ribbon hanging in the trees and followed it. After having crossed a river, we arrived at a wooden sign saying “Bienvenidos an Arco Iris” – Welcome to the Rainbow. We were greeted in the welcome camp by 4 smiling people inviting us for a hot coffee.

The first thing they told us is that the rainbow family is following 4 agreements, which are 4 rules for living a free and happy life:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. Say only what you mean and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t use your word against others or against yourself through blaming, judging or criticising.
  2. Don’t take anything personally. People do things because of themselves, not because of you.
  3. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t assume anything, and if in doubt, ask to avoid misunderstandings.
  4. Always do your best. Depending on time and circumstance, do your best, never more or less.

Funny enough I have been reading the exact book about this topic just a week before. The book is called “The 4 Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and is definitely a recommendable read.

Sharing a Grand Vision

The first gathering took place in 1972 in Colorado, following the growing hippie movement at that time. People with different social, economic, political, environmental and spiritual views gathered together to exchange their ideas of peace and unity. This old American prophecy predicted the creation of this movement hundreds of years ago:

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow.

Rainbow is a place to remember your soul. It’s not a place but an energy field that if you allow it, will take you to unknown dimensions. Once you enter this space, you will feel it. You set up your tent in between all the other seekers and share a common ground together. You go back to the roots by making fire, washing in the river and sleeping under stars. The land the community was formed is self-sustainable and sacred, they call it the Crystal Land.

Sharing Free Knowledge

I encountered so many beautiful souls which inspired me. One page of my diary is only filled with new books to read, movies to watch, people to research and things to try out. At the gathering, they offer many workshops for free because people like to share their knowledge with others. I learnt about energy healing, meditation, tarot cards, reiki as well as participated in my first cacao ceremony. Nowadays, we rely heavily on supermarkets and shops to provide us with everything we need, but we lost connection to the creation.

At the gathering, we made our own food, grounded peanuts to make peanut butter, baked cookies over an open fire and harvested fresh veggies from the land to make hot soup. We collected herbs to use for healing and made Kombucha with living bacteria. Society made it so easy for us to buy everything we want – but what happened to create things? I feel like we have to teach ourselves again how to use what nature gives us to create things with our own hands. In that way, we honour and respect mother nature, which has everything to give and everything has its place. That’s why the community considers permaculture as most important.

Why a Hug is the New Handshake

At rainbow, we are all sisters and brothers, we are one family. There are no strangers. This automatically creates a strong bond between everyone as well as mutual respect and interest. Every morning you hear the question “How are you?” and they don’t just say it, they mean it. The person that asks you looks into your eyes and really wants to know. It is more a greeting of each other’s souls than just greeting each others’ egos. And they smile at you. This helps you to open your heart because they present their heart on a plate to you.

Vulnerability is welcomed. There are no handshakes, only hugs. And you hug everybody, no matter if you know each other or not. This taught me the beauty of human closeness. Heart to heart – a conscious connection. And we are all in need of this as in normal society, we don’t get enough attention and love. This exchange is so important as it reminds us of our connection. We are all one. There are no differences between you and me if you take away the shell.

Who says we are not looking through the same eyes right now? What’s separating us is only space and time.

This girl said to me that she has never felt before that when she is looking around in a circle of 80-90 people, there is not one person she dislikes. Usually, there is always one person you do not really like whether it’s their looks or their voice or attitude. But at rainbow, all the faces are welcoming and radiate warmth.

A beautiful tradition of rainbow is to gather before every meal in a circle around the fire to sing together. Everyone is holding hands, creating a strong unity. The songs are beautiful, about mother earth, divinity, unity, happiness and connection. They consist of ancient words to connect us to our ancestors. Singing to the future in order to remember. Have a listen to see how it makes you feel.

🎵 Tall trees, warm fire

Strong winds, deep water

I feel it in my body

And I feed it to the source.🎵

In the end, there is always a holy OM. This makes me shiver because it is so powerful. It feels like a call to the universe, and each and every voice together creates a perfect harmony we send to the sky. It is like a portal to another dimension. After the OM, you reach your hands to the sky, then to your heart, and finally, you kneel down to bow to the earth with a Namaste.

In Between 2 Worlds

The days went fast, but I often felt like I needed to leave soon. This new environment felt beautiful but also frightened me a lot. I felt like being in between 2 worlds without knowing which one I really belong to – the hippie world and the outside world seemed so different from each other. But I realised, I don’t need to belong to only one, I don’t need to choose. I am a hippie and I am a city girl. I am both. I want to be the messenger in the middle, the one that brings all those beautiful ideas and teachings into our society. Because our society is sick, and we need to find out own path in the middle of chaos.

I encourage you to go to a rainbow gathering yourself, it is such a beautiful space with inspiring people that have a lot to teach you. And it surely holds a personal challenge for you as well! To find out more, check out this Facebook Group for Rainbow Gatherings. There will be a Gathering this August in Germany if you are eager to give it a go just message me and I will send you the location.

How You Can Live the Rainbow Spirit

Here are my takeaways from the gathering.

1) Recognise the power of your word.

Be aware of how your word can affect other people, it is a seed that has the power to change someone’s life. Be genuine with your questions and really listen to the response.

2) Treat strangers like your own family.

We live in a world of separation and this creates loneliness. Remember that your closest friend was a stranger to you once, too. Today, approach a stranger with kindness and care like you would treat your best friend, and magic will happen.

3) Hug more!

Handshakes are impersonal and cold, a hug connects you directly with the heart of the other. It releases the chemicals oxytocin and serotonin which reduce stress and increase happiness.

4) Make things with your own hands.

Connect back to mother nature and the things she is giving us. Grow your vegetables, cook your food from scratch and consider nature as the best pharmacy in the world!

5) Sing more, make music and dance.

All of these are vibrations you send out to the universe curating positive energies and connecting with people around you.

6) Be naked.

Being naked doesn’t only mean taking your clothes off. It also means stripping away all conditioning, filters and judgements we have and face the world as a child would. And yes, it makes you vulnerable, but when you show your real self underneath all those layers, you will receive the love you deserve.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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