In Colombia exists a place, high up in the mountains, where people from all over the world and all ages live together, a place of healing, a place of truth. I want to introduce you to this beautiful community and the incredible work they are doing – and how they changed my life.

Truth or Ignorance

You know that you are in a place that will change you forever when the first conversation confronts you directly with yourself. When the person in front of you is not just looking at you, but seeing through you. When you suddenly feel yourself closing up because that person is starting to knock down those walls you built so carefully around you. It’s too personal, too intense, too scary. The truth is tough. But it’s like awakening from a dream, a dream you have been dreaming your whole life. But in the end, it’s a decision – to stay or leave the matrix. At one point, you have to choose either the red or the blue pill. Truth or Ignorance.

So I decided to play the game of consciousness!

Initially, I wanted to go and visit this community for one day out of curiosity, which turned into a week of observing, which turned into almost a month of intense self-work. Surely many of us think that they don’t need help in solving their issues, in fact, many of us don’t accept that they have unsolved issues at all. Ignorance is bliss. But believe me when I say that each one of us has those hidden dark corners where they store all their deepest fears, rejected emotions and unfulfilled desires. This community has the goal of uncovering your hidden truths and helping you to heal them. How they do that? They developed 6 different techniques which combine psychology, pedagogy and spirituality.

The Techniques of the Game


In our society, it is normal to reject certain emotions. It is not ok to express anger, sadness or fear at the moment you feel it. Men don’t cry, anger is impolite, fear means weakness.

  • What & How: You start laying on the ground, entering into a trance through fire breathing (very fast hyperventilation). Like this, the connection of your body and brain is interrupted and all stored emotions come up and can be expressed.
  • My experience: For me, this was a very strong experience – I screamed, I cried, I laughed and I hit many pillows. Losing control can be such a beautiful thing because you can finally free yourself of all this stored body memory. And afterwards, you see the world in brighter colours – because now you are closer to the light.


Do you know your inside world? Not many people even give a thought to their own universe. But we all have things to heal inside of us.

  • What & How: This technique has been used by many psychologists before and is a projection of your inside world to the outside, using other people to represent parts of yourself. Those people sit in a circle and the person that receives the constellation touches each one of them and allocates them a role – that can be a person, an emotion or anything that is part of the person’s inner world – but you don’t know until the end what your role really is. You step into the circle and chose any space and position that feels comfortable. And then, the grand theatre starts to unfold. You basically just act on intuition – you can simply do nothing, walk around, interact with certain people – everything is allowed, you do whatever feels right at that moment.
  • My experience: I took part in a few constellations as a “helper” and the fascinating thing is that whichever part you represent, this part is also always present in yourself. In one constellation, for example, I was the intuition, and I felt very sad and left alone – meaning this person does not pay attention to their intuition, and the same applied to me.


Fact is, all the people in our life are a reflection of a part inside of us, and we project our reality on them. But we are almost never conscious of that.

  • What & How: You sit opposite the other person and start having direct eye contact, combined with different breathing techniques, your guides ask you specific questions that will trigger certain responses.
  • My experience: I felt a lot of resistance because at one point that person in front of you starts to shapeshift – then it’s your mother sitting in front of you and you have the chance to tell her all you never dared to say. But then you realise it’s not your mom, in the end, it’s YOU. This person only reflects a part of yourself back to you, which you have been projecting on your mom and certain friends that in a way carry the same behaviours. It is very confronting but makes you understand the way you act in certain relations much better.       


Do you have any traumas? I thought no, but don’t be fooled by yourself. We lost many memories of our childhood, which was the time that shaped us the most.

  • What & How: A regression is a journey into your inside world to face and heal the origin of hidden traumas. Trauma doesn’t need to be extreme and disturbing, it can be a simple sentence told to you by your parents or the actions of some supposed friends. You lay down, close your eyes and are guided through an interior journey. You start by imagining opening a door inside yourself, which leads you to different situations which are still influencing you in this present.  
  • My experience: I did 3 regressions, working on different topics like self-love or freedom. I did not only see myself in the past, but I also visited my grandparents when they were children, and went back many generations to find the root of the energy which is still blocking me today. Sometimes I asked myself if I am just making all of this up in my head, but really does it matter? As long as you can heal the world inside of you, it doesn’t.

You are Responsible for Your Happiness

First comes the confusion. But you learn that confusion is good. Say:

Welcome confusion! I love you.

There are patterns that you repeat every day of your life, you are conditioned to react/act in a certain way – and you don’t even realise it. You hurt, manipulate, lie. It’s like a prison you create for yourself. When you start seeing all your darkness, the only thing you can do is accept. If you accept, you can let go. You then really start to go into the question – who am I? Know that you know nothing. If we choose to see all we do and take responsibility for it, we can free ourselves from our chains.

What is responsibility? It doesn’t mean to take the blame for everything, it literally means “the ability to respond” – to actively and consciously decide to take action and stand 100% behind that decision. And then you start seeing differently. People’s eyes, nature, the animals – you start to really SEE. Why? Because you see yourself more.

“You look so different.” – “Thats because you look at the world differently.”

Your Reality is a Movie & You are the Author

Every situation in your life is like a movie. You create your own reality. Here are 2 realities I created  with this community in my head:

Possible Reality 1: They are all aliens. What they can do is just not human. They came here to infiltrate the earth and take over control of us humans. They chose me to hypnotise me and influence my brain so I will be in their service forever. They made me go crazy. I have to get the hell out of here!!!

Possible Reality 2: They are all saints. They possess such a high consciousness that they can point to a whole other reality. They liberated me, they helped me to heal. They really understand life. The outside world is living a lie, everyone is unconscious of their own thoughts, feelings and actions – like slaves. How can I ever leave this place???

Either, they are brain-washing me, or they are freeing me. Either, they are devils or saints. Either, they are all crazy or enlightened. These are just 2 of many movies I could choose to play my part in. And reality will shape itself accordingly. And that rule applies to your everyday life, too. In the end, all of this self-created drama doesn’t matter, I can choose to step back and not participate. And be all of that. There is nothing and everything. There is space. There is freedom. Be the author of your own movie!

The 4 Dimensions

I want to share this technique with you to connect mind, body and heart and arrive at the moment. This is typically done in a circle, and you start answering the following questions, one after the other.

1. What are you thinking? – Share what is on your mind in this exact moment, no matter how insignificant it seems.

2. How does your body feel? – Any pains, discomforts or pleasant sensations you are feeling right now.

3. What do you feel? – Based on the 4 basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness and happiness – which emotion is present inside of you.

4. What do you need? – What do you need at this moment to feel better in your body and soul, like a hug, water, patience, a good cry or simply sleep?

After this exercise the atmosphere in the room changes, everyone starts to be in the same frequency. You can also do this exercise by yourself when you feel you need to ground yourself in this present and check in with your body, mind and higher self.

How you can & why you should find them

El Juego Consciente is a nomadic community from South America consisting of more or less 25 people from all over the world. They were founded at the 2016 Rainbow Gathering in San Agustin, Colombia.

They are in this world to help you to heal yourself. Yes, their work feels like a slap in your face, and they don’t mind digging deep to find your deepest fears and present them on a platter to you. But they do it out of love. I had moments where I felt like the whole world is crumbling, but I always had some kind of soul supporting me. I could see in their eyes that many of them have a challenging past to deal with, but they used their challenges to transform themselves, so they can be in service of others who need help. They even created a video of me and my friend after our time in the community – where we talk about our experience. I truly admire them. And, they also scare the shit out of me at times. Because they are truly magical.

If what you just read intrigued you and you are willing to do some serious work with yourself, you can contact them on their Facebook page.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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