Yes, I am a world traveller. But every nomad needs to have a home base – and I chose Colombia. Did you ever wonder what my home in Colombia looks like? I am excited to give a little peek into my life and work – inside our Culture House in Bogota called “Tierra Encantada” (Spanish for “Enchanted Earth”).

I have been living in Colombia for 2 years now, enjoying Colombian culture and people to the fullest. I lived abroad in countries like Austria, Australia and England, but South America is a whole other story. The Colombian culture challenged me a lot at the beginning, especially as a punctual and organized German girl. But now I can say with certainty that this country and its people taught me a lot.

When I first arrived here we were looking for a house to start working on the amazing projects my friend Luis had already been developing for many years. In a quiet and beautiful neighbourhood of Bogota, we found the perfect house, with a lot of space, big windows and a lot of possibilities to create. After many months of hard work, we opened the cultural house, offering vegan food, medicinal cacao and cultural events. Until this day we are creating and constructing this space, learning and growing with every challenge that is put in our path.

During the pandemic, we had to close our restaurant but continued producing and shipping cacao as well as delivering food. Right now the situation here in Colombia is much calmer and we can finally receive people again in our home – because abundance is there to share. In this magical house, we work on a lot of different projects which help to make this world a better place. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to work independently and design my day freely. I could never go back to a 9 to 5 job (which never worked for me anyway). I am proud to be part of this and happy to give you a little insight into the work we do.

To get to know more about the projects and see how the cultural house looks like (and to meet our 3 cats), check out this video:

A little bit about the projects: Tierra Encantada is the name of the house as well as the health network that supports local fairtrade brands and farmers. The house is the base of Adopt Mother Earth, a non-profit organization that works to protect nature, culture and medicine of Colombian tribes and traditions. We started the house with a vegan restaurant and café – but now we are focusing on the production of medicinal cacao products under the brand Yakuum. In the house, you can also find excellent traditional healers and therapists who work under the medicine community Uba Sua.

➡ If you want to know more about these awesome projects, check our website.

➡ If you want to support this cause, check our charity campaign.

We are working hard every day to make this dream come true, and to help to make a change in Colombia and the world. If you are interested in joining this cause or want to visit Colombia – you are always welcome at Tierra Encantada!

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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