You cannot imagine what this 6-letter word means to me. When I hear it, I feel pure joy and love in my heart. The adventurous spirit awakes and my fernweh tells me to pack my bags and explore this wondrous world. There is so much extraordinary beauty on this planet, and still, most of us do not know even 1% of it.

I am so lucky to have visited more than 44 countries on 6 continents during my lifetime. I studied in England. I lived and worked in Germany, Austria, Ireland and Australia. Right now I am building a business in Colombia. I left my hometown 8 years ago and have been exploring this beautiful world since. To some people, this may sound crazy, as they choose to spend all their life in one place and never leave their comfort zone. 

To leave my home and follow the call to go out and explore the world, was honestly the best decision I ever took. I learned from indigenous tribes, fellow backpackers, local artisans, generous hosts, ambitious businessmen, inspiring elders, wild hippies and chanting monks – but the most I learned from myself. Travelling has the power to confront you with who you are and help you to transform into who you want to be.

Enjoy my travel collection of adventurous experiences and extraordinary places, some of my best travel tips I collected on the journey and get an exclusive insight into the life as an expat in Colombia.

Adventurous Experiences

Rainbow Gathering – Where being Naked is Normal
Hridaya Yoga Retreat – the Most Important Question of Life
High on Life – My First Cacao Ceremony
How to Play the Game of Consciousness – Visiting a Community of Nomads
What You Can Learn From The Hare Krishnas – Volunteering At A Temple
Sleeping on a Stranger’s Couch Vol. 1 – My Best Experiences
Sleeping on a Stranger’s Couch Vol. 2 – My Worst Experiences
How a Naked Man made Me Scream

Extraordinary Places

My Favorite Travel Photos out of 44 Countries
Toraja — Where Death is a Celebration of Life
Strange & Beautiful — Why Shanghai is Definitely Worth a Visit
Why I fell in love with Japan – the Country of Contrasts

Extraordinary People

What does it mean to be a woman of the mountains?

The Best Travel Tips

How to start Travelling & get out of your Comfort Zone – Generation Fernweh
How I Afford Traveling Full-Time
Travelling Changes You – How to Deal with Coming Home

Expat Life in Colombia

My Life as an Expat in Colombia – our Cultural House in Bogota
What Living in Colombia Taught Me
Christmas in Colombia
What Colombians Can Teach Germans About Punctuality

Inspiring Language

8 German Words That will Inspire You

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