The Essence Of Dance

Dance is creation. In the Andean tradition, there are many stories about the creation of this world – and all of them include dance. It is said that the ancient gods used to dance to create the earth, sky and sea.

Dance is movement. It’s the movement of energies which lead to manifestation. When I dance, I shake up my emotions & thoughts and manifest those energies in movement.

Dance is the flow of life. Because everything we do, feel or think is movement. Writing, walking, breathing, cooking, making love, talking, worrying – all is movement. Creation is in constant movement – birthing and dying to each moment.

Dance is transformation. Through movement, we transform & heal our body, mind and soul – which ultimately leads to growth. We explore ourselves in motion, find our intuition and how we want to express ourselves in this world.

Dance is communication. You don’t need to learn a language to understand this universal expression. When we move, we bring what’s inside of us to the surface and come into dialogue with the outside world. When we find our own style of movement, our own essence, we flourish.

Dance is also celebration – a celebration of life. We are in a constant cycle of experiencing, transforming, growing and celebrating – to create our very own dance of life. 

I compare the search of your very own essence to the modern idea of dance, which consists of learning steps/choreography from others and freestyling aka making them your own. It is necessary to get that inspiration and guidance from an external source in order to then develop your very own style.

What is dance for you?

At the moment, I am doing an investigation on dance, where I am asking people from all over the world to define & express what dance means to them. I will share the result here soon.

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