Conscious Content Strategy Development

I love marketing. When I studied International Business, I soon developed a passion for the creative industry of marketing, because it is a part of business where you can let your ideas flow and think extraordinary thoughts. I have been studying social media and marketing management for years and I am still learning – because it’s a fast-moving field that requires constant studying. I have been working as a social media manager for the travel app Journi and an England based dance company and I am now developing a social media strategy for the vegan restaurant Encanto and the cultural centre Tierra Encantada in Bogota, Colombia.

I offer conscious content strategy development for individuals & businesses. If you want to attract and inspire your clients or followers with conscious content, I help you to develop a personalized strategy that will reach the audience that really matters to you. I offer 1 on 1 sessions in which we will develop a personalized conscious content strategy – for personal brands, influencers and businesses.

What I offer:

  • Creation of Social Media Presence & Conscious Content Strategy
  • SEO Marketing
  • Advertising/Campaign Creation

What you will get:

  • complete status quo analysis
  • personalised development of conscious content strategy
  • creation of a complete social media presence
  • support in the production of conscious material for your channels
  • transformative tools to analyse your goals, maintain your strategy and inspire your audience

Work Examples:

Creative Writing & Storytelling

I love writing. And I love telling stories with it. It is one of my big passions. I have been remotely working for an agency based in London called ICS, writing blog and newspaper articles in German. Right now I am also working for Compado, a Berlin-based SEO-Specialized tech startup. I offer to write professional copy for individuals and companies as well as creative copy for social media and campaigns in German, Spanish or English. I also work as a photographer and offer packages with my own visuals and videos.

  • creative & professional copy (for campaigns, websites, social media etc.)
  • articles (for blogs, newspapers, magazines etc.)
  • visual storytelling through photo and video

Work Examples:

Translation & Teaching

You can only really speak a language, once you lived in the country where it comes from. I lived in England, Australia, Germany, Austria and now Colombia. I speak fluent German, English and Spanish and offer professional translation services. I also offer teaching service online & offline in all 3 languages. 

  • translations
  • online teaching 1 on 1
  • offline teaching 1 on 1
  • offline tandem workshops in groups

Work Example: Website translation of 


I am happy to join workforces and collaborate to create conscious content that can make a difference in this world. I offer collaborations on my Blog, Podcast, Youtube Channel or Instagram. If you are an individual, brand or business that can identify with my work & worldview, let’s get in touch!

Let’s Work Together!

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