Menstruation is the most sacred time in every woman’s life. Always remember, you are in a ceremony.

What They Want Us to Believe

I remember very well how shocked I was when I first got my period. I was 11 years old. And from that point onwards I got sucked into the I-have-to-hate-my-period spiral. When I tried my first tampon I was super amazed by how easy it can be to not feel like you have blood flowing out of you — and you could just throw it in the trash. I took the pill for over 10 years, controlling my menstruation and natural cycle to the maximum. Sure, it was more comfortable, and the pharma and beauty industries did make a lot of money from me. But only after I stopped all of that, I realised how much it really had me disconnected from my own body. And honestly, from feeling like a woman.

Everyone said it’s painful, everyone said it’s disgusting, everyone said it’s annoying. And that is what I started to believe.

I am so happy to see how times are changing now. Before, it was a no-go to not use tampons, to not take the pill, to not shave your legs, to talk about menstruation. Now, more and more people are becoming aware of their relationship to their bodies and are reclaiming their own worth. And actually, we have to idea what power lies behind our period.

The Spiritual Power of Your Period

Every cycle represents another chapter of your life. During that cycle, you deal with another topic that is still unsolved within you. So every month, you have the chance to let go of something toxic in your life. Pay close attention to your dreams, thoughts and emotions especially coming close to your period (journaling helps a lot).

Every menstruation is like a personal ceremony — during that time you become very sensitive and receptive. For that reason, you need to take good care of your body & your surroundings. If you surround yourself with toxic people, you will absorb their fears and negative energies really easily, and after you’ll feel drained and sad. I try to avoid going into the city or places with a lot of people.

You are not only super receptive to energies, but you also need to be careful what you transmit. Because your period blood has a very strong energy that is radiating outside and can, if you are not careful, influence others in a negative way — especially men. Men cannot handle this strong energy and can really get affected. If you have a partner try and keep a healthy distance during that time — not so much spooning, cuddling or hugging. I know that especially during that time we women feel a bit needier, but it is super important to spend that time focusing on you and doing things that make you feel good.

Important Period Tools

Ciao Tampon & Panty Liner — Hello Moon Cup & Cotton Liners!

As a conscious being, you probably are aware of the incredible amount of waste we create using tampons and panty liners all our life. It’s horrendous!

You spend 6,5 years of your life menstruating. During that time you use about 11.000 sanitary products, which equals 150kg of disposable sanitary waste.

Pats and tampons which we throw away pollute the planet for more than 800 years — and they contain super toxic ingredients like odour neutralisers and fragrances, artificial colours, polyester, adhesives and many more. So why would you put something toxic in your body?

A much healthier option for you and the earth are moon cups and cotton liners. Both are reusable, you can simply wash them and use for years and years to come. The cup is made from medical-grade silicone and is non-absorbent. The cup can hold 3 times more than a tampon — so you don’t need to change it all the time. The cotton liners are (obviously) made of 100% cotton and in my experience, much more absorbent (and comfortable) than the plastic ones. Because of the reusability, you will not only save the planet but a lot of money, too.

Why Your Blood is Sacred

One very very important topic is your blood. With tampons or panty liners it usually ends up in the trash. Also with the moon cup or cotton liners, most people put their blood into the sink. But wait a moment — I want you to understand that your menstrual blood is incredibly sacred and powerful, and it’s strongly connected to YOU. It absorbs and transmits strong energies — for that reason, many people become sick or feel very bad during their period because they never took care of their fluids.

Indigenous elders have told me that because menstrual blood is one of the fluids with the highest nutritional value ever, they collect and drink it. The next superfood so to say. But let’s start slowly — first, we need to change the perspective we have on menstrual blood.

Change Your Perspective

Be Happy and Grateful Once Your Period Arrives

Stop connecting this time with pain and suffering. When we bleed, our body cleanses itself of all the toxins it has collected throughout the month. We women are so lucky to have this natural detox every month — for free! And I am not just talking food toxins, but more importantly mental toxins. So be aware, and be grateful for this gift of nature.

Don’t Throw Your Blood Away

Select your very personal period plant (either in a pot or your garden) and feed her with your blood. Why? First of all, menstrual blood is an excellent plant food. It contains the same micronutrients as organic fertiliser (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and makes your plant grow healthy and strong.

Second, and more importantly, it does something with you. Don’t you see the difference between throwing something that is part of you down the toilet vs. putting it into the earth to help life (in this case a plant) growing? Since I started not to throw my blood away, I started valuing it more, too. I didn’t see it as trash anymore, I see it as something super precious. It’s all about the perspective.

Communicate With Your Body

It is so important to establish communication with your body. Lay down, put your hands on your uterus and meditate. Breath deeply and send beautiful energy to that sacred place. If you are in pain, this will help you a lot! During your period (actually always) we need to re-learn how to listen to our own emotions and needs. This is part of taking care of yourself.

Best Practices During Your Period

Stay Warm! 

If you like to take cold showers in the morning (like me) then you should be careful — better use warm water because your body temperature is pretty high during that time and your body very sensitive. Also, a hot bath (not too hot that is) or hot-water bottle can help reduce cramps.

Eat Well!

The right nutrition is key during your period. Many recommend a light fast during those days — with juices and fruits. What I consider super important is to stay hydrated — but with the right stuff! Drink a lot of herbal teas (I recommend coca or ruda), cacao, water and juices (but not too acid!). Especially beetroot juice is super helpful when you lose a lot of blood. This red wonder fruit is rich in iron and helps to improve blood count and blood flow — and makes you feel less fatigue. I recommend following those few food rules during your period:

  • nothing spicy
  • no alcohol
  • no coffee or black tea
  • go low on grains
  • no fried food
  • go low on sugar
  • avoid acid fruits
  • no meat

Move Your Body! 

I do a lot of gentle gin yoga when I am on my period, which helps a lot with connecting to your body and giving it some love. And I love dancing — so I use music to relax my body and mind. I also take a lot of long walks and fill my vitamin D storage.

Try this gentle period movement practice I recorded for you:

Write It Down! 

Especially during your period, you are processing a lot of topics, so it is super helpful to just write down all your emotions and thoughts. I use journaling a lot to release energies and to understand myself a bit better.

Treat Yourself! 

And here I don’t mean go crazy on food as many women do, but you can treat yourself to the good stuff! I eat dark chocolate and drink cups and cups of pure cacao! First of all, because it makes you happy. Cacao releases serotonin which makes you feel oh-so-good during those emotional period moments. And cacao contains A LOT of magnesium which is super awesome for cramps & stomach pains.

Your menstruation is something you should be proud of! It is a gift if the universe that makes it possible that you create a new life!

So if you are right now on your period — be grateful and happy! And if you are not, now you have plenty of reasons to look forward to it!

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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