A difficult question to answer. Home – is it a place? Is it a special person? Or is it a certain feeling?

I grew up feeling safe and loved – until everything fell apart. Then I took on a journey of searching for myself and the place I belong to.

Now I live in Bogota, Colombia – far away from my home country Germany. This year I travelled back to visit my family, and I found the most astonishing answers there. When I entered the magical woods, looked up to the blue sky and smelled the familiar scent of fresh flowers … I started to appreciate my roots.

I then had a realization that blew my mind away. Just keep reading to find out more.

My home was my safe place
where I became the person they wanted me to be 
I grew and learned, I laughed and cried, I fell and I rose back up  
until everything fell apart
like a delicate house made of roses
the wind blew it all away
and my heart broke slowly.

So I did what my mind told me to  
I run away from home
pushed by the grief of not knowing who I am.
I traveled to the furthest corners of this world
spoke foreign tongues, ate the most exotic food, 
was astonished by the most beautiful places and people
in search of something I would never find.

Because what I was searching, was inside of me. 
The green of the grass
the song of the bird
the smell of the seasons 
the blue of the sky
is part of my DNA
and no one can take this dance away from me.

And just like that
My search was over.
My path brought me to understand
that there never was a search. 

My home is my family
my family are my roots
and my root is this earth.
I arrived home. 

We all have the same home. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, what colour your skin is or who your family is. Our home is this earth.

Our roots are all the trees and flowers growing deep into the earth and high up to the sky.

We don’t need to search for anything, because the gift of home was given to us when we were born. Appreciate it.

Enjoy this poem performed in the sacred woods of Germany – which inspired this piece of art and helped me to heal myself:

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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