Sometimes we meet someone that doesn’t just touch our heart, but our soul. You only start believing in soulmates once you meet one yourself. But, the eternal is impermanent, too. 

Two souls


Surrounded by light and darkness

Lost in each other’s hidden faces

You have known me for a few days

But you already got to know my heart.

We opened the door for each other


But with the hope of a brighter day

When the sky has no clouds

And the sun caresses my face

Just as your lips did

When we were eternal.

As we united in loneliness


And light

I knew that this kiss wasn’t the first one

Long-lived lives

Like a beautiful memory.

You saved my soul from drowning

Like animals, we howled to the moon

And then there was a forgotten knowing

That I lost you before.


Now it seems like a distant dream

Something I have never seen coming

I wasn’t ready

But I fell into the depth of your eyes

When we did soul gazing for hours

The world around us disappeared

People seised to be

And reality got shaped by our lights.

I won’t forget these sacred moments

Of pure being and love.

The one thing that scared me the most

Brought me closer to myself

I won’t be scared I promise

I will face the world with an open heart

Because I know your soul is waiting for me

Somewhere in the flower fields

of existence.

Until then we keep singing our song

Breathing the same air

Our feet touch the same earth

Our hearts beat in the same rhythm.


I close my eyes and there you are

With flowers in your hands

I let you in

And we dissolve

Into pure existence.

graphic of couple hugging

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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