I want to share a poetic piece that I wrote 2 years ago. It was originally written for a person I love dearly – a true love letter. I re-read this letter a few days ago, but I read it with a very different picture in mind. A person changes a lot in 2 years. I changed and with me my perspective on love. I still love him, but my love is not narrowed down to one person anymore. I am in love with you, my friend. I am in love with the trees shading my path, the wind caressing my hair, the food nourishing my body, the eyes of a stranger, the colours of a new day.

This love letter is for you.

Dear human,

sometimes, life just happens. 

Then people enter your world and totally change it. We didn’t look for it, we didn’t expect it, it just happened. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes for the first time and felt that you looked into these eyes many times before? This happened to me the first time our gaze met. 

Like an endless ocean of ancient knowledge and love, I knew from that moment onwards our paths will lead the same way. 

With you it feels like discovering love for the first time. 

When 2 lights unite, the darkness tries its best to break them apart. But when I put my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, I know that we walk this earth in the same rhythm. 

You are my teacher, my lover, my friend, my partner, my choice. I may not know the future, but I know my present. And in this present, I see you next to me.

Thank you for your creative mind and pure heart. Thank you for your warm embrace. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for existing. You are the kind of person, that makes the world a better place. You enlighten everyone’s life you touch. I thank the universe every day that you came into my life.

You always say, everything is a choice. 
I choose you.

Love, Laura
woman dancing in front of the ocean

When I read this letter again, I knew I had to give it life. And that is what I did – I gave it life through movement. I created a beautiful piece of art down by the ocean, a place that fills me with pure grace. Spending time with this roaring beauty, I saw the utter resemblance. We are all like crashing waves in the vast sea of life, searching for love. This is my interpretation of love.

Enjoy this poetry in motion:

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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