I am a being of different angles. I cannot put my essence into words.

All my life I tried to identify myself with adjectives, skills, a career, things I like and don’t like, my family and friends, knowledge or opinions. My experiences make me who I am now, a soul in constant transformation. But in the past, I was running away from my true self. 

I was covering myself up with false makeup, wrong clothes, stolen stories and fake smiles. 

I travelled the world thinking I would find myself on the way. And yes, I did discover hidden parts of me in the eyes of a stranger, the sight of an ancient temple, the taste of an exotic fruit or the sound of a million foreign tongues. 

But in the end, I was out of breath, without root or a place to call home — because I continued to pretend that home didn’t exist. 

I looked everywhere for myself, the only place I didn’t look was within. 

Destiny brought me to the country I am living in now, Colombia. Here I am discovering step by step what it means to be me. Disidentifying my whole being. Taking off the masks of my past. Because the only place that exists is now.

In the vast ocean I call my soul, I discover drop by drop the essence of my being. 

I am the light, at the same time as I am the darkness. I am learning to accept and love the polarity, the complexity, the divinity of being human. And to look at myself and others not through the eyes of fear, judgement, doubt or insecurity, but through the eyes of truth — love.

Thanks to this wonderful life, I have the possibility to start seeing all facets of myself — their real beauty — raw and honest.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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