Welcome to Dance With The Universe – your space of inspiration, healing and growth. This is not another how-to-become-happy podcast – this is my soul directly talking to yours. I am Laura Blu Sandía – traveller, spiritual seeker and life lover. On DWTU I share my experiences and adventures around the globe, poetry, sister talks and even live music with you – real, unedited and natural. This is my dream – so don’t listen to me with your mind, but instead let my words touch your soul. Are you ready to join me to a Dance With The Universe?

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Intro: Let’s be real

Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I become happy? In this little intro, I want to share my purpose, story & vision with you – to inspire you to find all the answers you are looking for, inside.

Episode 1: Why getting fired is the best thing that can happen to you

Everything happens for a reason – or doesn’t it? On this first episode I want to share something really personal with you, something many of you would consider the end of the world. Find out why getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me & what you can do, when life decides to give you a wake-up call.

Episode 2: The travel trap – how to deal with coming come

Coming home from a journey has its challenges. You changed so much – but at home, everything is still the same.  In this episode, I talk about how to feel home in the world, why coming home from travelling can be challenging & why the spiritual ego is your biggest enemy. I will also share some tips on what to do when you feel lost coming back to normal life. 

Episode 3: 8 German words that will inspire you

Do you speak German? Whether you are a German speaker or not, the German language has some hidden treasures for you. In this episode, I share 8 beautiful German words with you, which carry within themselves an incredible message & learning. Get inspired by my language & let those words change your view on life! 

Episode 4: What living in Colombia taught me

What comes to your mind when you think of Colombia? For most people, it’s coffee, cocaine & crime. But this country has so much more to offer.  In this episode, I share some Colombian secrets with you. I have been living in Colombia for 1 year & learned a lot from its people. Find out how you can get inspired by the Colombian way of life – passionate, humble & relaxing. 

Episode 5: How you don’t lose yourself in a relationship – Soul Sister Talk

In this special episode, my soul sister Julia will join me to share some inspiring thoughts on “How to not lose yourself in a relationship”. We talk about the Hollywood-illusion, co-dependence & the concept of real love. Trust me, this episode is pure gold! Our motto is LESS MIND & MORE HEART – so enjoy this sister talk listening with your heart.

Episode 6: How to find & heal yourself through movement

“A subtle movement of grace — bringing you closer to god.” Do you also love to dance? But don’t you also sometimes feel judged by others – or yourself? I want to show you that dancing is a magical tool to heal yourself. In this episode, I talk about a great passion of mine – dancing. I will tell you a bit about my dance-history, why the biggest egos are found in the dance studio and on the dance floor, and how you can use dancing to truly find yourself. 

Episode 7: The power of CACAO – medicine of the heart & food of the gods

Unknown superfood, divine elixir of the gods, healing medicine of the heart – I can not express how much I LOVE this little magic plant called CACAO. It’s time that the whole world knows about the power of cacao! In this delicious episode, I will introduce you to the universe of cacao – its legends & history, nutritious benefits and healing properties, ceremonial use & impressive healing power. I promise you will be amazed …

Episode 8: How to find H O M E within yourself – Free Talk

No script, no intro, no perfection – it’s time for more realness in the podcast world. So this spontaneous episode I recorded based on one simple question – how do I find a home within myself? Listen to me speak about death, family, the fear of settling down, how to find your life’s purpose, accepting your darkness, the importance of really listening and many many more – because, in this episode, I just follow where my heart takes me. 

Episode 9: My top tips & tools for a healthier lifestyle

In these times we all need to boost our immune system and keep our body fit and our mind happy. I will share some helpful tips + tools with you – from the areas of yoga, energy work, nutrition, neuroscience & spirituality. The tools I share with you in this episode I use myself every day, so I share & recommend them from my heart. You can easily integrate them into your daily routine and become happier & healthier. 

You can also watch me recording this episode live on YOUTUBE!

Episode 10: The countries I’ve lived in & what I learned from them

I love travelling – and I travelled to more than 40 countries already. But I only really lived in 5 of them. And the people, culture & customs of those 5 countries taught me so many valuable things – which I love to share with you in this episode. You will also get to know me a bit better as I tell some private stories out of my 9 years of nomad life. But my goal is to make you see the value of a place called home. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Why you don’t need to be vegan to live a healthy life

Nowadays, almost everyone is vegan. If you live healthy and sustainable, you have to be vegan. In those circles, its almost a mockery to eat meat or drink milk. Something that – in its pure state – has such a beautiful message, has been turned into a sheer trend, obsession, and with some people, fanatism. But there is much more to healthy & conscious nutrition than that. Enjoy this episode where I share thoughts with my special guest Alex @plantifulalexandra, tuning in from the other side of the world. We talk about the controversial side of veganism, how to start eating consciously, what healthy nutrition really means and how we can reconnect with our body, mind, spirit & surroundings. We share from our own experiences & respect all opinions on this topic, as we are all on our very personal path. Keep an open mind and take the inspiration that can help you to be a better person! ALWAYS DO YOU.

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