I am super excited & proud to introduce to you my very own PODCAST!

I love writing, and I thought why not give speaking a go, too. So I just started recording some of my experiences with my semi-professional microphone & BAM it became a podcast! At the beginning I was super scared to publish it because I wanted it to be all perfect – then I realized that perfection is an illusion, I want to be real. natural. me. Life is sad, funny, scary, adventurous, flowing, crazy, stressful, arousing, dangerous, peaceful – all of it and much more. 

I am a traveller, & I have seen more than 43 countries. But I realized that it doesn’t matter how many countries I visit – What really matters, is the experience & what you learn from it. An experience reminds you of something you have forgotten. Understand that there is nothing your soul doesn’t know, but knowing isn’t enough. Your soul seeks to experience life. It’s a way of the universe communicating with you. It’s like a dance. A dance is a way of communicating but from your innermost self. When I dance I share my inner light and really connect on a deeper level. That is exactly what I want to do with this podcast –  but through words.

DWTU is a space of inspiration, healing & growth.

Understand that this is not another 5 steps to a happy live podcast – its MY SOUL talking directly to YOURS. On DWTU I share my experiences and adventures around the globe, poetry, sister talks & even live music with you – real, unedited and natural. My goal is not to become a super blogger, I just want to touch some hearts and move some souls. Even though I am not super professional, I enjoy what I do and I do it with love – that is something we all should practice more. This is me sharing my dream with you – so don’t listen to me with your mind, but instead, let my words touch your soul.

You can find DWTU on Spotify, iTunes & Youtube. 🎙

Check out the different episodes here.

I am super grateful for any feedback, ratings & shares because only together we can really make a difference. If you have a personal project too then do not hesitate to contact me & we can support each other realizing our dreams. 

Are you ready to join me to a Dance With The Universe?

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