Some love it, some hate it, but we all need to do it. And in my opinion, it is one of the best movement meditations and motivations ever – cleaning. Because I am of the opinion that:

A clean home means a clean mind.

Did that never happen to you before? You feel stressed or anxious or demotivated and you start to move your hands and clean your room, house or apartment – and magically this negative feeling turns into gold. You feel proud of having done something good for your home and for yourself, you feel cleaner with your surroundings and at the same time more clear in your head. Because as the law of nature states:

As without, so within.

So a clean home means a clean mind – when you wipe, wash, scrub and polish your house you automatically cleanse your mind of all the dust and dirt that is normally accumulated during our stressed and busy lives. We are constantly bombarded with information and visuals, especially in the era of smartphones and social media – where being disconnected is normal. Everyone does something that helps them to release accumulated stress and tension – I usually dance, paint, do exercise or clean. Yes, cleaning calms me down and helps me to feel like I accomplished something. And who doesn’t want to work in a clean environment?

But cleaning is only really fun when you do it together – and when you do it dancing! In the following video, you will see me cleaning (as well as doing exercise, practising martial arts and doing some salsa moves) with my Colombian friend Nicolas. So put on your favourite music and join me on this dance – when I am cleaning my home in Bogota, Colombia:

My goal is to motivate you to move more, to dance to your own rhythm, to connect to all those beautiful things you have inside of you. I want to share this special moment with you – so prepare your cleaning materials, put on the music that makes you move and let’s share this moment dancing and cleaning together!

And which music is better to make you move than some hot Latin rhythms? I love all Latin music, but Colombians love their folk music, and Vallenato is one of the oldest traditional sounds you can find in Colombia. It originates on the Caribbean coast and literally means “born in the valley”. This music is just made to clean your house, and it motivates most Colombians to wash, scrub and polish with a lot of passion! If you want to listen to Vallenato while cleaning, check out this playlist I created for you on Spotify: VALLENATO COLOMBIANO.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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