Step out of your comfort zone!
Try something new!
Challenge yourself!

These are phrases I honestly cannot read or hear anymore. Every single life coach and motivational influencer will recommend these to you. But do they really help you to grow? The answer is …


And I can prove it — I did just that over the last month. I tried another movement medicine with the aim to become a better woman and to discover a new part of myself. This is what I did:

I always considered myself to be an urban dancer. With confidence, strength and attitude. But in life, changes are inevitable. So I asked myself, what is the one style that I have the most resistance to. The style that can help me to advance, to discover a new part of me. The one style I thought I am way too old to learn. That’s way too difficult to achieve. And super stiff and boring to dance. Do you see all those limiting beliefs there?

But we set all the limits in our own head, don’t we? That’s why I took the challenge, and learned ballet. Yes, the exact opposite of urban dance. And oh my Jesus, it was very hard. See for yourself:

I suddenly reconnected with that beautiful, soft and gentle YIN energy inside of me.

I walked with more elegance and pride. 
I moved with gentle confidence. 
I felt an intimate connection to my own body.

If this isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

blonde ballerina learning ballet

You don’t need to twerk or dance in heels — you can melt a man’s heart with a soft flick of your hands.

Ballet made me a better woman.

Try it! You can do this with anything, as long as it’s something you haven’t tried before, that represents a challenge to you and makes you feel a bit uncomfortable — first-time yoga, cooking for someone else, writing a piece and publishing it, talking to a stranger, getting a hair cut, inviting that one person on a date, putting on that sexy dress, going for that promotion, … you get the point.


It’s never too late, you just don’t believe in yourself enough.
It’s never too difficult, you are just too afraid to try.

Let that sink in.
And just go for it!

Ballet FAQ

  • Is ballet difficult? 

Yes! it is a real challenge for body and mind, even if you are a trained dancer. Ballet is a very good foundation to get to know all of the parts of your body and make your body stronger and more flexible.

blonde ballerina learning ballet adn finding it difficult
  • Do I need professional training? 

You definitely need someone who knows what he or she is doing. Ballet is a very serious dance form with many rules and foundations which you need to learn from a professional. I did the program with Brittany Cavaco who I consider to be an excellent ballerina and teacher. The platform I used is called STEEZY, and they offer very professional dance programs you can easily do from home. If you are interested, you can try a free class.

  • Can I learn ballet in 1 month?

Of course, you won’t be a professional ballerina in 1 month, but you can definitely learn the basics and if you train every day, you WILL see an advance. 

  • Can I learn ballet in my 30s?

I am 31 and they say it’s getting harder and harder the older you get, but I find, if you are passionate about something and love to advance, you can do anything. My tip: commit to a goal, commit to getting better every single day. Age doesn’t matter as long as you love what you do.

  • Is ballet sexy?

That obviously depends on your definition of sexy. You won’t learn how to shake your ass. But you will learn how to carry yourself with more elegance and grace. I feel more confident, my body is stronger and more flexible. I am more in control of my body and I move with more pride and confidence. If that isn’t sexy, I don’t know…

  • Is ballet the expression of femininity?

Ballet helps you to awaken ONE part of the woman inside of you – it helps to express the elegant, gentle, proud, soft side. That’s accurate for men and women – also men can awaken this gentle part inside of them, it doesn’t make them less of a man. Urban dance can be very feminine too, it just uses a very different movement and focuses more on strong and direct confidence. It is actually more focused on our masculine YANG energy – going outwards. Ballet, on the other hand, focuses on a more intimate and gentle form of confidence – the inward YIN energy. We do need both energies in order to find our identity as a woman.

blonde ballerina learning ballet
  • Conclusion:

Ballet looks easy but is actually pretty hard. You learn to use muscles of your body you didn’t know exist – every ballet class is a very intense workout. But I do walk more straight and proudly, with a sense of elegance and femininity. Learning to keep straight lines and to perform strict movements teaches you discipline and body control. On the other hand, I feel that it is also important to learn how to move freely. Ballet doesn’t use as many emotions to dance, it is more focused on body control and correct execution. It is always very important to know the base before you branch out, and ballet is the base of many other dance styles, like contemporary – which explores ballet movements in a more free and improvising manner, focusing on emotions. All in all, I recommend ballet to each and every dancer and non-dancer – if you love to move, it will be such a fun journey!

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