I love to dance. I have since I was not more than a thought in my mother’s mind. I was created to the sound of freedom. The first steps I took were inspired by music. 

I want to tell my story through dance. I want to express my innermost being through movement. For me, movement is transformation, and transformation is healing. I have been dancing all my life because deep down I always knew that movement is my medicine. 

We are all looking for our purpose, our passion in life. For me, everything is connected to dance. I always knew that through my movement I have a great gift to give to this world. But then something always seemed to hold me back.

Because truth is, the one thing you love the most is the most difficult to do. 

Why is that?

Fear of failure, the pressure of perfectionism and the temptation of laziness. There is no greater obstacle than the one we create in our head. And when we are starting to find our path and follow our passion, the first thing that comes to our head are doubts, fears, insecurities. When the light wants to shine, the darkness will do everything to stop it. 

blond woman stretching out her hand

I always knew my passion was the key to find my wings and fly. But I asked myself — how? And then I realised, that I didn’t need to have it all figured out. I just needed to start.

The Challenge

I decided to challenge myself in order to heal my relationship to dance. I set myself the goal of writing one page every morning to then transform my thoughts into movement. I was inspired by the morning pages from the wonderful book the artist’s way. As soon as I woke up every morning, I grabbed my pen and paper and started to write. Anything that came to mind, as jibberish as it was. Then I reread the page and highlighted the words and sentences that caught my eye. I absolutely recommend you to try this exercise, some very revealing ideas will come to life! 

Morning Pages are a creativity tool for developed by Julia Cameron. It is a daily practice to empty your mind. As described in her book, morning pages are "three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing,
done first thing in the morning". There are no rules, you just take a pen and paper and start to write down whatever comes to your mind. 

I then took those highlights and started to integrate them into my being, really feeling what they communicate. And I started to dance, to interpret the written word with movement. That is where the real magic happened. 

But one time is not enough to transform your shadows, so I decided to set myself the goal of repeating this exercise for 30 days. One month of commitment, that couldn’t be that hard right? Wrong. The process of the following month was, to say the least, very challenging. 

The 30-Day Process 

This process can only be described in poetic words:

feet in dance position

I wrote and danced, every single day. No matter how I felt, no matter where I was, I pushed myself to move. 

And in that movement, I started to get a glimpse of something 

I didn’t recognise before. 

A long-forgotten joy, a deeply hidden power, a creative force. 

I started to become curious – curious about the world. 

A dimmed light began to shine through the thick wall, 

doubts started to crumble.

No one or no thing can motivate us. motivation is self-created. as soon as you make the decision to grow.

It wasn’t always easy. Many days I had to force myself to take the first step. 

But after I closed my eyes and began to move, 

everything changed.

The messages started to become clearer, the movement more intimate.

My creativity sparkled to the surface

and with it, hidden thoughts and longing attitudes,

searching for love in places I have never been.

In all my confusion I raised my hands together and started to pray that the sky may bless my every step to show me the way.

I took the decision to use my time wisely

spending every single day

doing what I love.

God gives us energy every single morning. the question is — how will we use it? To create, celebrate, smile, give and adore — or to waste it away?

I listen inside and I find the answer. I find the path. I find the truth. It has never been far.

Our shadows will always be there, right next to our light,

inspiring us to express ourselves.

To play our part in the grand game of life

which just wants to be enjoyed.

To form your life with your own hands, so I urge you, my friend

be your own artist

be your life’s creator;

it is time, to tell your story.

If we make space for love in our minds, hearts and bodies

we will move with grace and beauty

and coming out of our shell, we will show our dance to the world.

My Conclusion

In the end, I understood one simple thing about myself:

My body wants to dance, my heart too.

woman dancing with a lot of feeling

I am a dancer at heart, and movement is my medicine. In the course of 30 days, I got to know my body in many different ways. 

Committing to something for one month straight, helped me to develop more discipline and self-confidence. And without realising it, I developed a habit out of nowhere. They say it needs a minimum of 30 days repeating an action for it to become a habit. I can assure you this is true. After the difficult middle, the closer I got to the end of the month, the easier it became.

Now, I feel the urge to move every single day. My whole body is craving expression. Actually, it always has, I just never knew how to listen. 

This challenge helped me to reconnect with the rhythm of my heart.

I realised I don’t need to be perfect in order to grow. No one starts out perfect. Even the most professional artists had to start as absolute beginner one day. All that matters is that you take the first step and keep going, keeping your eyes on the horizon. There is always room to improve. And when you follow this approach in every aspect of your life,

limits won’t exist in your world anymore. 

You are free.

I recorded myself for 30 days during this challenge, enjoy this piece of art I created (I really love the result):

So challenge yourself in every single way, every single day.

You will start to grow towards the stars,

sparking a long dimmed fire.

Your soul has been waiting for you,

it’s time for the first step.

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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