Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is vegan. They say if you live healthy and sustainable, you have to be vegan. In those circles, it’s almost a mockery to eat meat or drink milk. Something that – in its pure state – has such a beautiful message, has been turned into a sheer trend, obsession, and with some people, fanatism. But there is so much more to healthy and conscious nutrition than that.

Veganism is just another religion

We all have our personal story, and in my story food has always played a big role – in my life as well as in my personal development. I have been a vegetarian for more than 3 years now, but have been conscious about healthy nutrition almost all my life. I decided to not eat meat anymore because I watched one of these very impressive documentaries and something inside of me shifted. I have many reasons for not consuming animal products any more, and I agree with many of the vegan ideals.

Right now I am helping to manage a vegan restaurant in Bogota, Colombia, where I have contact with many relaxed, but also fanatic vegans. The real problem I see with veganism is that some people take it as a religion, they start to identify with something so intensely that they start judging everyone that isn’t on the same path. And there lies the big problem with anything that goes to the extreme – you lose your consciousness. For me, anything that is done unconscious, may it be the healthiest and eco-friendliest decision ever, is not good.

Why? Because you completely lose connection to yourself. I know many people who tried to be vegan and for health reasons, went back to consuming animal products. For me, it’s not about whether you eat animals or not, is how you consume.

Killing an animal to eat is not wrong 

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you are probably feeling a little uncomfortable reading this sentence.

Something I learned here in Colombia, where the tribes are still living their tradition and culture to the fullest, is that it is still normal to hunt an animal. But believe me, the act of killing is the key. They first ask permission to the earth and the animal, because for them it is a necessity at that moment. They also kill the animal they eat themselves – they are eye to eye with their food and consciously decide to take this life. The act of killing creates a special connection and awareness with the food, which honestly, most people totally lost. We just buy our meat in the supermarket, without knowing when, how and by whom it was killed. There are even people (and most of all children) who don’t connect the sausage to a living being. That is where consciousness is lost. Because this cut connection results in unconscious behaviour and unconscious nutrition – and later, in illness.

It isn’t important what you eat, but how you eat it

I will never forget what my partner told me once, he said:

“I rather eat a plate of fried, unhealthy & non-organic food which is prepared by my mother with love, than a plate of the healthiest organic, vegan food prepared by someone with hate.”

When you consume any food, you do not only consume the ingredients, but also all the energy that goes with it. That starts with the place the food has been cultivated, the person who took care of it & harvested, the place of production, the hands that prepared it & served it to you. And at last, how you put it into your mouth. Understand that we do not only nourish ourselves by food, but also by energies. And whenever you eat something, there is a bunch of information coming with it. For that reason it is so important to become conscious of the whole process – because your body is a miracle tool, he can transform almost everything you consume – from chemicals to bad energies – if done consciously.

And because we all have different viewpoints, I invited Alex from to join me on a new podcast episode on this very interesting topic. Alex lives in the Australian outback with a professional kangaroo hunter, she was a straight vegan for 4 years and now completely changed her diet. We talk about the controversial side of veganism, how to start eating consciously, what healthy nutrition really means and how we can reconnect with our body, mind, spirit & surroundings. We share from our own experiences & respect all opinions on this topic, as we are all on our very personal path. Keep an open mind and take the inspiration that can help you to be a better person!

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