I start my mornings with a cup of coffee and a dance – what about you? My morning routine is sacred to me, it helps me to reconnect with myself, focus on my goals and start the day healthy, motivated and inspired. 

“However you start your day, determines the rest of it.”

This is so true. For that reason, I consider the morning the most important part of the day. I love to get up early and use the time where everyone else is still sleeping to take care of my body, mind and soul. I recently read the book “The 5AM Club” and it really motivated me to rise with the sun. Fresh, crisp mornings just radiate so much clarity and focus. A new opportunity to come a little bit closer to my dreams. And this is crucial, to have a motivation to get up in the morning

Here is the truth: Every new day is like a gift made by the universe, a fresh new start, a blank page to be filled with vibrant colours and exciting adventures. If you just change your perspective and focus on all the good things in your life and the most amazing life you want to manifest, everything changes. And it all starts with baby steps. Every big dream is made of a lot of small milestones – you just need to start. 

I want to share with you some of my morning routine rituals:

  • Getting up with the sun
  • Journaling and Yoga
  • Preparing my Ayurvedic Power Drink
  • Taking a cold shower to really wake up
  • Going into the park to meditate
  • Prepare a freshly brewed coffee
  • Dance dance dance!

Dance really is my favourite morning habit! I usually prepare my breakfast and fresh coffee with almond milk put on my favourite music and just start to welcome the day. I created a Playlist for my morning dance sessions. During this freestyle dance practice I usually also write in my journal, enjoy my coffee, play with my cats, do some yoga and just have a lot of fun. I just focus on whatever feels good this morning. Sometimes I like to do guided exercise but most of the times I just love to move freely. This allows me to really connect with the needs of my body, mind and soul. 

And one rule I have: No phone until 9 AM. That means 3 hours of me-time without interruption and distraction. Social Media has taken over our lives, and we need to take back our control. Starting my morning without looking at my phone allows me to connect with myself, my surroundings and the people which are actually there in person (not in form of a message on the screen). So rather to dance with your fingers over the phone screen – dance to some awesome tunes!

I move to wake up every cell in my body and to start the day fit, motivated and with a big smile on my face. Are you intrigued?

I think we should all dance more and think less! Dance with me is an invitation from me to you, to move together, following the needs of your own body and soul. Take this time to connect with you. I am there to inspire you to move, but your body knows very well what it needs.

Let’s dance!

Thank you for appreciating my art!

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