One thing I always ask for from the universe – is health. Health is a universal need of every being on this earth – and it includes so much more than just a healthy body. Holistic health includes all areas of your life, from the food you eat, the habits you have, the relationships you nourish to the thoughts you think.

I am a big fan of preparing and eating nourishing food, because it keeps my body and mind fit and healthy. We own it to this earth to eat good food – because that is a birthright we all share. We own it to ourselves to move our bodies and train our brains – in order to advance and become better at our crafts.

I want to share with you some of the habits, routines, recipes, remedies, experiences and ideas which help me to live an overall healthy life.

The Magic of Cacao – Food of the Gods
My Favourite Natural Remedies to Boost Your Immune System
Why I Love Early Mornings – My Morning Routine
My Top Tips & Tools for a Healthier Lifestyle
Why you don’t need to be vegan to live a healthy life
The Secret to Enjoy Cooking
The Fasting Experiment – What’s Behind the Feeling of Hunger

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