~ how to discover your passion in life and do what you love ~

We live in the new era of self-employed freelancers and business starters, the 9 to 5 job is long dead. I am so happy to see that more and more people stop looking for self-realisation in other ambitious business people, but rather start to question themselves what they want to bring into this world. 

Following the life goals of others will never lead to self-fulfilment. 

We need to start looking inside of us to see that each and everyone has some unique gift to share which this world needs right now. For sure it is always easier to follow than to lead, but if you cannot even lead your own life – how will you ever realise (or even find) the purpose you came to this world for?

I am a freelancer, working remotely as a writer and marketing specialist, and I am building my own brand right at this moment. And to be honest, as a self-employed, no one sets milestones for you, you need to set your own goals, showing up every single day to grow and make your dream reality. Yes, it is challenging, but I would never ever go back to working blindly for someone else. 

We Are All Leaders of Our Own Life

This does not mean everyone needs to start their own business, because then no company would have employees anymore, and you definitely need help to make your business idea come to life. But there lies the point – this economy should be built on mutual exchange of knowledge and labour, not blind obedience and exploitation. A society in which we all support and help each other grow. And each and every one of us should develop our own project. 

This doesn’t need to turn into a huge company, but in my opinion, we all need something that sustains us, which is only ours. This is how a community works. This is how tribes thousands of years ago managed to thrive and flourish. Every single one in the community had a special skill and with that skill, they helped others grow. That makes a perfectly balanced economy

I find it sad that there are so few people who actually even start to look for their passion in life because they prefer to just be followers. We are all leaders – in our very own way

Everyone always wants to find their life’s purpose, when that is nothing more than finding your passion and putting it into the service of others. 

And once you start this beautiful journey of discovering your unique skills and passions and combining them into your own project, which then nourishes other people’s projects – then you will find true fulfilment in life

How Do I Find My Purpose?

The hardest part is to start, they say. But let me tell you the good news: You already started from the moment you were born. Finding your passion in life is not rocket science – it is the ability to be conscious of yourself. All the answers are already there, you just need to look closer. From the day you were born to this day, you discovered and developed a very unique skill set. 

Helpful Questions to Find Your Life’s Purpose:

  • What did you love doing when you were a child? 
  • What could you spend all day doing? 
  • When do you feel most creative? 
  • Who inspires you?
  • What comes naturally to you? 
  • What do other people come to you for advice?

You can take some time to journal on these questions, I also created a journaling prompt to find the advice you need right now. There are many questions you can ask yourself, but it is really just to take a closer look at your life so far and extract the things that make your heart smile. And there is never just one skill, all of us have many to offer. 

Your life’s purpose really isn’t a mystery, it is the combination of the things you love to do and the things you are naturally good at. 

You just need to take a closer look and combine your natural strengths, developed skills and personal passions to create your very unique life purpose. And that is the beauty of it, no one can tell you how – you have all the freedom to build your purpose so that it serves others and makes you happy. 

And a life’s purpose is never stagnant, it is shaping and developing all the time. Because we as human beings will never stop evolving and exploring – life is constant change. And to be honest, that makes the quest of developing a fulfilled life so exciting and beautiful – full of surprises. 

Enjoy this video I recorded for all you life purpose seekers:

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