Choosing what to study alone is a big challenge because most of us have no idea what to do with our lives. For that reason, I struggled with choosing a career and soon I felt the urge to break out of the system.

After finishing uni, everyone expects you to start off your career path. Actually, in the midst of your studies, you should already look for companies and have an internship secured — before you even finish. So that the transition goes smoothly, and you do not waste any time

Wasting time for the system are such things as going to travel the world or not finishing your studies because you realise that your passion lies somewhere else. I, obviously, think quite the opposite. 

We all should take the time we need in order to explore possible choices, jobs, countries, cities, positions, companies — or even the possibility to start your own business.

Why the 40-Hour Work Week Is Outdated

For me, this model never really worked, trust me I tried several times. Even when I was working in a cool startup with kind of flexible hours:

I did not see the point in letting someone tell me how to structure my day.

Fact is, we are all different. And we all like to work under different conditions. Some can only really concentrate once the sun goes down, others wake up with the sunray, some need a minimum of 2 hours siesta during the day, others work while eating. Some prefer working 3 days like crazy and have the rest free, others prefer to work just a few hours every single day. And actually, all of those are perfect

The problem comes once we want to put all humanity under one single rule — like the 9 to 5 working days.

Who came up with the 8-hour workweek?

It was the ambitious Henry Ford in the early 1900s, who came up with the brilliant idea of the 8-hour workday — because back then a 12-hour workday was normal, so he shortened the working day significantly in order to attract new workers. In his time, that was actually a good deed. 

But let us be realistic, a lot of time has passed since then, and we are still supposed to stick to the old socialistic idea from one century ago.

3 Reasons Why The Old Working Model is Outdated

1) 8 Hours of Straight Productivity — Never

I know from experience that people just are not productive when forced into a certain working schedule. I myself consider working efficiently 3 to 4 hours in the early morning, and after lunch, my productivity just fades away. 

And like many others, I spend more time distracting myself (scrolling through social media, making one coffee after the other, going to check on my colleagues, going to the toilet more often than necessary, checking the news, etc) than actually working.

2) Flexible Remote Work Is the New Reality

In my personal opinion, the old job model is long outdated. And Corona has proven it — flexible remote work is a new reality. Because let us be honest, when you are working from home no one can really control what are you doing with your time. Important is, that you bring results. And that is exactly what companies should focus on — results rather than hours.

3) Creativity Can Not Be Put Into a Box

Everyone and I mean absolutely everyone needs to be creative in order to do a good job — in every single field of knowledge. 

Creativity is not owned by musicians, painters, writers, actors and designers — it is a universal skill we all need to develop. 

If you want to grow in any profession, you need to find creative solutions and present unique, creative ideas which will make you stand out from the rest. Do not simply create content to be another influencer, but create art that is unique to you. And creativity needs space. It cannot be pressed into a box or put under rules — we all need to find our very own way to unleash our creative potential. 

That means for employers: Fewer rules and more freedom, focus on the outcome and let the worker take care of how to get there.

picture of remote work - working with laptop outside

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