Everyone wants to find their purpose in life. We all want to know why we exist on this earth and what special skills and gifts we can share with others. But most of us grow up without knowing what they really want in life – more reason why “how to find my purpose” is one of the most searched terms on google. Let’s face it, most of us study something that may lead to a successful career which means a good income.

Sadly, money seems to be the end goal of our whole academic career. But why are there so many unhappy people working in jobs they actually don’t like, stressed and anxious, with just a little time for what they really love to do? Time is precious, and most of us spend it doing something only out of obligation and necessity. Our society has provided us with a model that is outdated.

I know how this feels like, I have been there. And I got kicked out of this destructive way of existing by life itself. Now I am working remotely as a freelancer, building my own brand and supporting countless beautiful projects of creative people. I am my own motivation because I am doing what I love. And trust me, the path there wasn’t easy, but totally worth it.

I am happy to share my story with you and hope to light a spark of inspiration in you – to start creating the life you came here for.

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