I am Laura Blu Sandía – I am a souldancer.

I am in constant search for my very own essence in life.

I grew up in Germany, studied in England, lived in Australia & Austria and found love in Colombia. I have been searching my whole life for my purpose, my dream, my why. And through this project I am finally starting to understand that I don’t need to find answers, I need to find myself.

I travelled to more than 43 countries, chasing adventures and getting inspired by people & cultures. I love to move not only through the world – I have been dancing since I was a little blonde girl. Dancing is an expression of my soul. And I love yoga, which is like a dance with your higher self. I am very conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook & to eat of course. Food is the nourishment of the body and simply makes me happy. Here in Colombia, I help running a vegan restaurant where I can express & develop my creativity every day! Creativity means constant movement, constant learning. And I am a student of life. Yes, I do have a University degree, but really I am learning far more from life than the university could ever teach me.

Every single day is a new chance to gain knowledge and experience – that’s the magic of life.

I want to explore life through movement and I am so thankful to be able to explore and share my souldance with this world. I use the beautiful diversity of the arts to express and create – photography, videography, painting, creative writing and my favourite art – dance. Blusandia was born out of the necessity and wish to put my experiences and skills in the service.

My Mission

Through the creation of conscious content, I want to inspire & motivate you to find your soul’s dance – your very own essence.

But one can only guide others from their own experiences. That’s why I want to share with you my personal experiences in the areas of personal development, travel adventures, healthy lifestyle, sacred sexuality & modern spirituality. Every experience holds a tool for personal transformation and growth.

I am using the essence of dance as movement, creation, transformation and celebration in order to extract & communicate these tools. The ultimate goal is self-discovery, development of your intuition & personal expression – which leads to the creation of your very own souldance. Once you find that, you find your rhythm, your flow, your purpose in life. This is what I am here to do, with you.

We are all in search of our very unique souldance

I use my experiences and learnings to inspire & guide you to find your own flavour of how you want to move through life – how your soul wants to express. I will share those through articles, podcast episodes, videos, photography, painting & poetry with you. 

For me, creating conscious content means creating content which is closely connected to the collective state of consciousness & addresses issues that matter to humanity. On a personal level, it makes you aware of your current state of being, then shakes up your belief system and makes you question the status quo. Lastly, by providing you with transformative tools, conscious content inspires you to be a better person who inspires others with their actions.

If you want to know how to create a conscious content strategy for your personal brand or business, check out the services I offer.

My Vision

I want to create a huge network of inspired beings, that share their experiences & souldance with each other. In the end, anything starts to have meaning once you can share it.

With Blusandia I want to assist others to create their own conscious content, inspired by their very own souldance. Furthermore I want to design & offer a different kind of workshops connected to the topics I am exploring, integrating the pedagogy of dance. I want to publish different books on my experiences which can help others to transform their lives. I also want to develop my own product line in the area of sacred sexuality/female cycle. 

My idea is to connect to other inspiring projects and create collaborations, in order to transform more people’s lives. It is time for conscious projects to rise, in order to change the current model of the economy, which is based only on profits & power. The future economy should be formed by millions of consciously created projects collaborating, forming an economy based on community.

Projects I Support

Tierra Encantada

After travelling the world for more than 7 years, I decided to move to the capital of Colombia. I became part of a big family and the health network Tierra Encantada. Tierra Encantada develops holistic business projects and brands through the use of pedagogical tools from indigenous knowledge. TE helps to build brands that support sustainable and healthy trade in order to preserve our land and the idea of the sacred family. TE also offers pedagogies of human and spiritual evolution to their internal and external collaborators and users of their network.

The Song of Mother Earth

The non-profit organisation The Song of Mother Earth offers programs to protect the Amazonian jungle, help to provide education in local communities to recover indigenous knowledge.

Uba Sua

UBA SUA (traditional Mhuysqa language for “seed of the sun”) is a medicine community of conscious beings which seeks to transform body, mind and soul through the use of ancient knowledge of indigenous communities and various spiritual techniques.

Tybagua Design

This is the design project of Luis Tybagua, in which he uses design as the art of thinking, innovating and creating solutions that help people, companies and projects to acquire knowledge that will speed up their processes and lead them to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a change in lifestyle, spiritual evolution or creating a successful business or personal brand.

Ecstatic Dance Colombia

Ecstatic Dance is a global movement I have been following and supporting for a long time. The movement uses the medicine of dance to release, reconnect and heal on an individual and collective level. I am part of the official team of Ecstatic Dance Colombia, helping with marketing, video production and movement guidance.

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